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Macaron Leash Pink


Add fun to your daily walks with the Macaron Leash. It is not your regular basic leash. The Macaron Leash is equiped with a silicon handle which is designed for an easy handling and provides a soft grip at the same time. Pair with the Macaron Harness and Collar to complete the Macaron look.

*The Macaron Leash is best suited for small and middle size breeds up to 11kg.
*The silicon handle can easily be removed if not necessary
*The position of the handle can not be adjusted.
*Minimalist anf modern design
*Available in several colors


Materials: 100% solid nylon webbing, silicon handle

Size Guide

The hard and light acetal hook is low in water absorption, is internal shock, high insulation and solvant resistant.

Size Guide

Made in KOREA