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SCHLAF fleece sand

$88.06 $88.06

Stay comfortable anytime, anywhere with SCHLAF fleece. At home or outside ♪
Great for when you feel a little chilly!

"I'm worried about catching a cold in the coming season from the wind from the air conditioner or from taking a walk at night when it's cold."

When you feel a little chilly, let's adjust the body temperature with SCHLAF fleece.
The stretch material makes it easy to put on and take off, making it easy to move! Perfect for walking!

“A common complaint we hear at this time of year is pollen and dust getting on the hair. Getting your stomach dirty by walking on the ground dirty with rain or frost! 』

Unlike clothes that you just put on, the SCHLAF fleece covers your stomach well, so you can go for a walk with confidence even on days when pollen is flying or the ground is dirty with rain.

"Easy to wear with just the right thickness of fabric"

The design is stretchy and designed to fit various dog bodies, making it very easy to put on.

Made in Korea


If it gets dirty, use a neutral detergent and hand wash. After washing, adjust the shape and let it dry naturally in the shade.