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Art Scratcher Retro Brown


Make a sustainable choice for nail sharpeners.

After sharpening the cardboard, you no longer have to worry about dust scattered everywhere.

You don't have to worry about lack of exercise.

You can use it upright or lay it down.
De-stress your cats with catnip spray.

Art Scratcher uses internationally certified high-density carpet.

Even if you enjoy nail sharpening to your heart's content, there is no garbage.

Internationally certified E0 rubber tree is used for the carpet surface.

It is a wood that emits less harmful substances, and has excellent durability and moisture resistance.

Carpets with UV printing are of high quality and colorfast.

Even after scratching a lot, it maintains its design as art and can be used for a long time.


Adaptive weight
If it weighs over 6kg, it is not recommended to use it upright. There is a danger of slipping, so please use it lying down.