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Easy to eat for big gourmet friends.

Food stand for medium and large dogs, IKIGAI Table!

Keep the design as simple as possible.
Finished with a color that blends in well.
A smooth curve expresses softness.

It is designed to be easy to eat by removing the corners and not to get hurt by bumping.

The tall food table reduces the burden on your knees and neck joints. Supports smooth digestion.

The food bowl is made with pure white Arita porcelain.
The inside of the bowl is smooth and easy to eat, and the outside is sandblasted to give it a nice texture.

The paint used is powder paint, which does not contain any organic solvent (VOC) thinner.

Painted with a high-quality, environmentally friendly powder coating, this food stand is friendly to people and pets.


Made in Japan


Stand : height 25cm Top plate diameter 26cm
Bowl : diameter 17.5 cm height 6 cm

Gross weight: 3.1kg (including food bowl)


There is a gap of about 2 to 5 mm between the food bowl and the steel table, and there is a possibility that the sound of the bowl hitting the steel can be heard when eating.

There is no hindrance to meals. Thank you for your understanding.