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Marron Brown


A sense of security that is gently wrapped.

Soft cushions and a relaxing Relax Bed.

Designed with a structure that allows you to feel a sense of psychological security.

Give the gift of a comfortable and relaxing space to keep your mind and body healthy.

Made of specially made felt, Marron is easy for anyone to assemble and use.
Made for children under 6-7kg.

50 x 36 (cm)

Felt cushion cover: 100% Cotton
Cushion inner: Microfiber 100%
Buttons: 100% Brass

Felt: Hand wash gently in warm water. Do not hang with clothespins, etc., as it will leave marks when drying. If it gets wrinkled, you can use it like a new product by ironing it with a steam iron or a thin cloth at a low temperature.

Cushion cover: We recommend using warm water and a mild detergent. Do not use bleach and iron at a low temperature of 80-120 degrees.

Cushion inner: Wash separately, do not use bleach. Machine washable, but hand washing is recommended. When using the dryer, use the lowest temperature, and pat the cushion after drying to restore the air layer of the microfiber.