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Cuddly Basket


The round jute basket for dogs from Cloud7 is the perfect basket for dogs or cats who love to snuggle.  Made out of a silky soft, strongly padded pillow with a cozy plush cover let your dog and cat snooze and relax all day.
The Cuddly Basket s kept in natural cream tones, to seamlessly merge with a tasteful interior design. Its natural look is completed by decorative handles and a small logo detail made of vegetable fibers.

  • Natural materials

  • Scandinavian design

  • Washable



Cover: 100% polyester
Filling: 50% Silicone Balls, 50% Polyurethane Sticks
Basket: 100% jute
Detail: Logo loop from vegetable fibers / 100% vegetable


Size S    Outside dimension    45 x 30 x 20
Weight dog*    up to approx. 6 kg
Size M    Outside dimension    60 x 40 x 22
Weight dog**    approx. 5 - 12 kg

* Weight specifications are rough guide values - they may vary depending on the proportions of the dog or cat.

Care Instructions 

Inner cushion: 30 degree delicates
Basket: The jute basket can be cleaned with a brush or under running water and "dried in shape" again.