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Macaron walk set

¥15,900 ¥15,105

Make your daily outing more enjoyable

Very light, durable and easy to use! Small dog friendly walk set.

It is a 3-piece set of color, harness and lead.

・It is a very light material, and the color is only about 20g. Ideal for small dogs that are sensitive to weight and tend to hurt their trachea and knee joints.

・The Y-shaped harness of the macaron walk set There is no burden on the bone joints and trachea, so it is safe for children who have a habit of pulling.

- Lightweight and durable webbing nylon is easy to clean.

You can use it for daily walks, outings, and outdoor activities.

Available in 4 vibrant colors. Please find your favorite color♪

The lead is made of lightweight and durable Actal hook, which is a material that is resistant to rust and impact.

Made in Korea

The Macaron Walk Collection is made for small and medium dogs up to 8kg. It is recommended not to pull excessively.
*The hooks published in the media may differ from the current type. Currently, the macaron lead hook is the Actal hook in the image above.