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Taff Natural Shampoo Bar


Care Line inspired by nature.

Natural, Eco Friendly Bar Soap. The Taff Shampoo Bar is made out of natural antibacterial and safe ingredients for dogs skin. Who knows with the Taff Shampoo Bar you and your pup might even look forward to bath time.

*They are all free of harmful ingredients (no paraben, no sulfate, no artificial colours or fragrance , no chemical detergent). All Taff Soap Bars were tested for safety and approved by the EWG. 

*They also come in an eco friendly packaging and are highly concentrated therefore long lasting.

*We recommend using a conditioner for dogs with long fur.

4 Types Available 

The Fresh Line - cleanses and protects the skin from external factors (pollution, dirt...). Good for dogs who love to play outside! 

Treatment Line - for soft and shiny fur. The essential oils help relief stress for dogs who do not like bath time. Great for dogs with long or a lot of fur. 

Sensitive Line - for healthy and moisturised fur and skin. Great for dogs with sensitive skin! 

Therapy Line - for sensitive and itchy skin. Great for dogs who have a lot of skin problems or itch a lot.



Fresh Line - Cypress water, tea tree oil, lemongrass oil, eucalyptus oil, rosemary oil, jojoba oil, camelia oil, SCI, ceramide, silk amino acid, keratin, polyquarter...

Treatment Line - Rosewood oil, cedarwood oil, ylang-ylang oil, jojoba oil, camelia oil, castor oil, keratin, elastin, SCI, ceramide, silk amino acid, keratin, polyquarter...

Sensitive Type - Lavender oil, tea tree oil, mamonde flower, grass leaf sweet flag (acorus gramineus), olive oil, jojoba oil, SCI, ceramide, silk amino acid, keratin, polyquarter...

Therapy Line - fatty fruit extract, calendula oil, chelidonia, olive oil, jojoba oil, tea tree oil, SCI, ceramide, silk amino acid, keratin, polyquarter...

Care Instruction

Put the shampoo bar in the enclosed foam net and hang it for longer use.

Made in KOREA