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Vegan Leather Items Pawness

Vegan Leather Items Pawness


Beginning of the trip.

 PAWNESS is a Dutch pet brand.

Born out of love for 'Bo', a stray dog ​​who lived on the streets of Portugal. Bo was found and rescued by the Homeless Dogs Foundation, a Portuguese charity that protects stray dogs. Pawness designer Denise Crombag met "Bo" here.

She became Bo's foster mother and now Bo lives in Holland.

~ How Vegan Leather items are made ~

Pawness designer Denise Crombag had her doubts about the market for dog items.

The high-quality, stylish designs are made with leather and are not cruelty-free or ethical.

Cruelty-free and ethical items don't look stylish.

Dog items must meet three criteria: she thought.

・Cruelty-free items that do not cause pain to animals.

・Ethical items that minimize the impact on the environment.

・Stylish and fashionable item.

Denise decided to create items that met this criteria by sketching, illustrating and designing her own collection. 

She went in search of sustainable materials and qualified professionals to produce her own products,

I made a dog collar, blanket, compost Poop bag, and Poop bag holder with a sophisticated design.

Her experience working as an art director for international fashion brands (Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger) was very helpful.

⚪︎ Sustainability

Living in style while being sustainable.

Pawness offers sustainable dog items without compromising on design.

It means working towards an eco-friendly future and respecting animals, people and nature. 

 All Pawness high quality and stylish products are ethically produced.

Made only with natural resources and sustainable materials without chemicals, palm oil, parabens, etc.

Therefore, it is safe for dogs.

Of course, we do not use artificial coloring or fragrance.

And no other animals are harmed during the production process.


Unfortunately, there are still many dogs on the streets to save.

PAWNESS donates 10% of profits to conservation groups.

All dogs are doing charity with a focus on making animals happy.

 When you purchase Pawness products, you also contribute to conservation efforts.

As a brand that shares the same values ​​and is always looking for beautiful, high-quality items, Maison Neros decided to introduce Pawness items to Japanese customers.

We are proud to offer Pawness cruelty -free and sustainable products.

Nero (18kg ) coral orange wearing size L

Neros & Nos