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What is Maison Neros?

What is Maison Neros?

Maison Neros is a Designer Pet Brand created with consideration for ~Design, Cruelty Free, Ethical~.

~ Design・Cruelty Free・Ethical ~

・Minimalist design

We will continue to provide items with simple, beautiful and sophisticated designs.

Enjoy a wonderful Pet Life with Maison Neros items that combine the concept of craftsmanship cherished in France with Japanese aesthetics.

・Cruelty Free

Cruelty Free refers to the absence of "cruelty," in which no animals are harmed or killed from the production process to the sale of the product.

For example, most of the products such as shampoo and pet food that we usually use are tested on animals before they are sold.

Maison Neros items are of course Cruelty Free, and pet items such as harnesses and leads do not use animal materials such as leather.


Products made with consideration for people, society, the global environment, and the region.

Issues such as poverty, human rights issues, and climate change are hot topics around the world. Part of the problem is that producers in developing countries are being exploited by mass production and mass consumption in developed countries.

Maison Neros will contribute to solving social problems by understanding the production background of services and products, creating and providing them.

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