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Beautiful interior bed Tadazhi

Beautiful interior bed Tadazhi

Danish designer brand "Tadazhi"

The brand was established in 2019 by long-time dog lover Charlotte Ellegaard, inspired by her beloved dog Tobine (Danish Swedish farm dog).

She believes in the value of quality and sustainability, so she decided to create minimalist, stylish, high-quality pieces for her four-legged family.

 Tadazhi defies convention and tries to make ordinary dog ​​accessories as beautiful as home furnishings.

Items that are passed down from generation to generation. We create durable, long-lasting items by hand with timeless and minimalist designs.

We focus on natural materials and use high quality cotton fabrics.

She believes that choosing items for her four-legged family should be practical as well as stylish.

Therefore, most products can be machine washed and dried in the dryer. 
When you want to wash the cover, you can easily remove the cover by pulling the zipper.
All Tadazhi items are human grade and free of harmful substances.

Please enjoy the cushion bed with affection from Denmark.

Ps. The brand name Tadazhi means "Trust, Loyalty, Honesty" and was inspired by the Japanese language.

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Vegan Leather Items Pawness

Vegan Leather Items Pawness


Beginning of the trip.

 PAWNESS is a Dutch pet brand.

Born out of love for 'Bo', a stray dog ​​who lived on the streets of Portugal. Bo was found and rescued by the Homeless Dogs Foundation, a Portuguese charity that protects stray dogs. Pawness designer Denise Crombag met "Bo" here.

She became Bo's foster mother and now Bo lives in Holland.

~ How Vegan Leather items are made ~

Pawness designer Denise Crombag had her doubts about the market for dog items.

The high-quality, stylish designs are made with leather and are not cruelty-free or ethical.

Cruelty-free and ethical items don't look stylish.

Dog items must meet three criteria: she thought.

・Cruelty-free items that do not cause pain to animals.

・Ethical items that minimize the impact on the environment.

・Stylish and fashionable item.

Denise decided to create items that met this criteria by sketching, illustrating and designing her own collection. 

She went in search of sustainable materials and qualified professionals to produce her own products,

I made a dog collar, blanket, compost Poop bag, and Poop bag holder with a sophisticated design.

Her experience working as an art director for international fashion brands (Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger) was very helpful.

⚪︎ Sustainability

Living in style while being sustainable.

Pawness offers sustainable dog items without compromising on design.

It means working towards an eco-friendly future and respecting animals, people and nature. 

 All Pawness high quality and stylish products are ethically produced.

Made only with natural resources and sustainable materials without chemicals, palm oil, parabens, etc.

Therefore, it is safe for dogs.

Of course, we do not use artificial coloring or fragrance.

And no other animals are harmed during the production process.


Unfortunately, there are still many dogs on the streets to save.

PAWNESS donates 10% of profits to conservation groups.

All dogs are doing charity with a focus on making animals happy.

 When you purchase Pawness products, you also contribute to conservation efforts.

As a brand that shares the same values ​​and is always looking for beautiful, high-quality items, Maison Neros decided to introduce Pawness items to Japanese customers.

We are proud to offer Pawness cruelty -free and sustainable products.

Nero (18kg ) coral orange wearing size L

Neros & Nos

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How to choose walking gear and harness

How to choose walking gear and harness

There are so many types, shapes and colors of walk gear that it is difficult to choose.

So this time

French osteopathic doctor, Dr. Charlotte Coupé , will introduce how to choose walking gear such as harnesses and collars.

You will find the perfect walk gear for your dog!

From the conclusion, the Y type harness is the best.

Harness and collar (collar).

As for walking with a collar, if the dog doesn't pull it, there is no problem at all.

However, puppies are prone to suffocation, so it's a good idea to switch to a harness if you notice they're having trouble breathing.

Harnesses are more comfortable and easier for us to control.

Two points to consider when choosing a harness

⭐️ Shoulder and front leg bones

⭐️Free range of motion for front legs

Many of the harnesses that have become popular in recent years put too much strain on the dog's shoulder bones and front leg bones.

• The dog's shoulder bone should always be unrestricted. The type of harness that hits the shoulder bone is not good.

If the dog's shoulders are blocked by the harness, the gait will be unnatural and put too much strain on the musculoskeletal system. It is easy to develop arthritis and difficulty walking in the future.

 • Avoid touching the harness straps with your elbows. Too much stimulation can cause elbow bone detachment and poor posture with premature joint wear.

Harness straps that are always 2 to 3 fingers away from the dog's front paws are ideal as they are less burdensome.

Therefore, choose a harness that takes into consideration the shoulder blades and front leg bones so that your dog can stay healthy for a long time.

Here are 3 common harness types.


A T-type harness is also called a Norwegian harness.

The front strap restricts the shoulder's freedom of movement and causes pain when pulled.

When the front band slips, it crushes the trachea just above the sternum.

Easy to put on and a practical harness, no matter the breed or size of your dog, it is likely to get damaged after prolonged use.

H type (H shape when viewed from above)

The basic H type is a classic harness. Good for kids who don't know what to choose.

The H type harness is less likely to transmit shock to the dog's body when pulled, so this type of harness is recommended for dogs with less pulling. However, to avoid chafing behind the elbows of your puppy, you need to adjust it correctly and choose a comfortable material.

Y type

The Y type is the type recommended by French dog osteopathy.

This is because there is no restriction on the movement of the shoulders and the front legs can be moved freely without damaging healthy bones.

Very comfortable for dogs and has good shock absorption. It is easy to control the pulling of the dog, and there is little burden and impact on the dog.

Therefore, using the Y-type harness for comfort and safety, dog osteopathy

recommended from this point of view.

+α Good to be careful here too! !

Harness straps should be against the dog's skeleton (sternum, thoracic vertebrae between shoulder blades) and not soft tissue to avoid injury (burn fibrosis, tendinitis, etc.).

The waist should not touch the dog's shoulders, legs or elbows. Keep at least 2-3 fingers apart.

 •The balance of the harness itself is also very important. Some harnesses have fasteners or accessories on only one side.

Needless to say, the part containing the clip weighs more than the opposite part. Dogs are more sensitive than we are. Don't let your body get out of balance and cause discomfort.

 •The harness should not be too tight (uncomfortable and risk of injury) or too loose (imbalance or lack of support points).

For smaller dogs such as whippets, be careful not to widen the center band as the friction between the front legs can easily cause irritation.

 • And finally, the harness should be light and not too stiff.

Whether you use collars or harnesses, the most important thing is that your dogs are comfortable and happy.


Please use this as a reference when choosing a harness! !

Reference article

 Le Maître des Lieux «Comment choisir son harnais»

 Charlotte Coupé , Ostéopathe Animalière intervenant sur Paris. 

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game recipe

game recipe

Maison Neros Game Recipe

~Le Gibier d'Okayama aux petits légumes~


 *Gibier in the forest🥩

 * Potatoes 🥔


 * Greenpeace

 * green pepper or celery

 *Rice (brown or white) 🍚

 - Cook the rice.

 - Cut carrots, potatoes, peppers and celery into small pieces.

 -Boil the water and boil the carrots and potatoes first. Next, boil the green peas. After boiling, drain the water and let it cool.

 -Heat in a frying pan and stir-fry green peppers (or celery) and wild game in a little coconut oil.

 -Finally put the rice, vegetables and meat in a bowl and it's done. Bon Appétit!

 A dog who likes and dislikes Ver.

 -Cut the potatoes, carrots, celery or peppers and cut the game into very small pieces. (or mince)

 -Boil water

 - Boil all ingredients together with vegetables (including green peas) and meat.

By boiling the meat together, the extract of the meat permeates the other ingredients and is eaten well.

 -Put the rice and the resulting soup in a bowl and let it cool before serving.

 Cat Ver.🐱


 Same recipe, but use only the ingredients listed below. Please cut the ingredients into small pieces so that they are easy to eat.

 *Gibier in the forest

 *Potatoes (a small amount, do not give daily)

 * carrots (boiled)

 * Celery (small amount)

 Cats are carnivorous animals, so they like less vegetables 😋

 It is OK to mix it with the pet food you usually eat 🙆‍♂️

Nero & Nos

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What is Maison Neros?

What is Maison Neros?

Maison Neros is a Designer Pet Brand created with consideration for ~Design, Cruelty Free, Ethical~.

~ Design・Cruelty Free・Ethical ~

・Minimalist design

We will continue to provide items with simple, beautiful and sophisticated designs.

Enjoy a wonderful Pet Life with Maison Neros items that combine the concept of craftsmanship cherished in France with Japanese aesthetics.

・Cruelty Free

Cruelty Free refers to the absence of "cruelty," in which no animals are harmed or killed from the production process to the sale of the product.

For example, most of the products such as shampoo and pet food that we usually use are tested on animals before they are sold.

Maison Neros items are of course Cruelty Free, and pet items such as harnesses and leads do not use animal materials such as leather.


Products made with consideration for people, society, the global environment, and the region.

Issues such as poverty, human rights issues, and climate change are hot topics around the world. Part of the problem is that producers in developing countries are being exploited by mass production and mass consumption in developed countries.

Maison Neros will contribute to solving social problems by understanding the production background of services and products, creating and providing them.

Nero & Nos

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