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Lapoo cat toilet


Modern and refreshing design toilet Lapoo.
It is a stylish cat toilet that fits well as an interior no matter where it is installed in the house.
There is a plastic toilet tray inside, which is easy to clean and hygienic to use. Not only the steel body, but also the plastic tray can be cleaned with water.

Steel toilets have hygienic advantages over plastic and wooden toilets.

When using a cat litter box, the cat may scratch it with its sharp claws, damaging the inner wall and causing the odor to permeate the litter box.

Lapoo is made of steel, and the cat's claws won't scratch the surface, so it won't retain odors even after long use.
A narrow and long sleek accent window helps ventilate the bathroom.


Frame: Steel

Lid: wood

Inner basket: Polyester


Frame _ W626 x L476 x H400 (mm)

Inner basket _ W 572 x L 432 x H 153 (mm)