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Seven Dogs padding coat camel

$122.75 $109.18

The Seven Dogs padding coat has excellent heat retention and keeps dogs warm. Enjoy winter walks with a padding coat♪

-Aren't you worried that your cute kids will catch a cold on a walk in the cold winter?
The HEAT SAVE HEAT FABRIC used inside the coat retains heat and generates heat.

- One of the most common complaints we hear about winter walks is that walking on the ground dirty with rain, snow, and frost makes your stomach dirty!
A coat that is resistant to rain and snow with a waterproof function on the outer fabric. It covers your stomach well, so you can go for a walk without worrying about the ground getting dirty with rain or snow.

-The drawback of winter clothes is that they are stiff and difficult to put on.
The sturdy design is designed to fit various dog bodies, making it very easy to put on. Dogs can put it on and take it off without stress.

Made in Korea


If it gets dirty, use a neutral detergent and hand wash. After washing, adjust the shape and let it dry naturally in the shade.